What is Business Continuity

and how is it relevant to me?

  • Would you lose business if your ‘phones couldn’t be answered?
  • What about if your website went down?
  • Would all your staff know what to do if there was a chemical spill at the factory next door and you had to evacuate?

These are potential incidents that could affect the ability of your business to serve its customers. You need to have thought about how these and other incidents could affect your business and plan for how you will deal with them if they occur. That is what Business Continuity is all about.

Put a bit more formally:

Business Continuity is a management discipline that ensures an organisation has in place the appropriate measures and plans to:

  • reduce the likelihood that an “incident” will prevent the organisation from serving its customers;
  • reduce the impact on the business if the incident does occur;
  • recover from the incident; and
  • allow the organisation to continue serving its customers whilst it recovers from the incident.

Business Continuity grew out of the more restricted field of IT Disaster Recovery with a broader view of the business as a whole and a focus on the impacts of incidents rather than the incidents themselves. Going through a structured process that:

  • identifies the critical activities;
  • assesses the impact of them being disrupted and how they might be disrupted; and then
  • putting in place the measures and plans that allow the business to continue;

is an essential management discipline in any organisation that takes the interests of its customers seriously.


Agdon Associates and Business Continuity UK are no longer in business. This website is not being updated: it has been left online solely as a source of useful information on Business Continuity.