Why do I need a business continuity plan?

Major events such as terrorism (New York, 2001; London, 2005), Hurricane Katrina and Swine Flu have brought the issue of Business Continuity Management to the attention of all business owners and executives. They now realise that they need to take steps to improve the chances that their business would survive such incidents and continue to operate, deliver an acceptable level of customer service and generate income.

Less news grabbing, but just as significant, are events such as:

  • local infrastructure failures (e.g. internet access or telephone systems);
  • access denial due to external incidents (a fire in another company, road traffic accidents, bad weather);
  • staff unavailability (winter flu, industrial action, unexpected Lottery win!);
  • accidental or malicious corruption or destruction of data;
  • theft of company property;
  • the failure of key suppliers to meet delivery deadlines;

These are all sound reasons to have in place a credible Business Continuity Management System.

Other drivers which should encourage organizations to take Business Continuity Planning more seriously include:

  • Increased Executive/Board responsibilities (e.g. Turnbull Report/Combined Code of Corporate Governance, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (USA), Basel II Accord etc).
  • Large clients and public bodies often require that a Business Continuity Plan has been developed and implemented; even just to get on a preferred supplier list or submit a tender.
  • Auditors increasingly expect to see a Business Continuity Plan in place as part of their due diligence audits.
  • The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 has placed Business Continuity Management obligations on public sector organisations.
  • Insurers increasingly require to see evidence of Business Continuity Plans in place.
  • Holding Companies & Shareholders have rising expectations in respect of corporate governance.
  • Regulatory Bodies are starting to impose Business Continuity Management on the organisations they regulate.
  • Learning of a disaster to a neighbour or associate.
  • Experiencing a disaster or near miss!!

Lastly, there’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you needn’t dread the 5AM Knock on the Door

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