Business Continuity should be “Business As Usual”

A crucial element of the Business Continuity Institute’s [BCI] methodology for introducing business continuity into organisations is that of “embedding the process”.

Introducing business continuity management into an organisation can be considered as two distinct elements:

  • a project to create the initial plans; and
  • a process to exercise, audit and maintain the plans.

For the process to work effectively, it needs to be a normal part of the way the organisation does business: so called “Business As Usual” and not an afterthought.

The first “project” element may take some time if the organisation is moderately complex, but provided business continuity management really is embedded into the way the organisation runs itself, then the “process” should introduce only minor overheads: in return for which the organisation knows that it has a greater level of protection when things go wrong.

Is business continuity part of your normal way of doing business?

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