Does the 5AM knock worry you?

How would you react if you were woken at 5AM in the morning, to be told that your office/factory was on fire/flooded/blown away by another Buncefield? Take another example: suppose the power went off just as you were about to hit “Send” and submit a tender for a big piece of work?

I suspect most people would probably lose their head for a short while, but what about after that?

If you can say with conviction that you have done your homework, you have taken measures to reduce the impact and you have plans in place to speed your recovery whilst being able to continue working; then you have a Business Continuity Plan.

If you can’t say that with conviction, talk to me or take a look at “10 simple steps to creating your own business continuity plan

Agdon Associates and Business Continuity UK are no longer in business. This website is not being updated: it has been left online solely as a source of useful information on Business Continuity.

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