Tip – Changed the business? Review your Business Continuity Plans

A change to your business should always be accompanied by a check of your Business Continuity Plans to assess their continued applicability

The times, they are a-changing

The World changes, and businesses need to change to meet the changing needs of their clients. There is also internal change as processes are improved, adapted or discontinued. New processes come along to facilitate new services, products or ways of working.

Plans need to change.

As a consequence, your Business Continuity arrangements and Contingency Plans probably need to change as well. Your current Contingency Plan may have been perfect six months ago, but it may now serve no useful purpose and could actually increase disruption rather than reduce it.

Plan to review your plans

Build a trigger into your change management process that initiates a review of your Business Continuity arrangements whenever a change is made to a business area that is covered by your Business Continuity Management System. It needn’t be  big step in your change process: simply ask the question; “does this process change affect our Business Continuity plans at all?

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