Tip – Start preparing for winter

I know it’s only early November, but now is the time to start putting in place your winter measures. Remember what happened last year? Even if the weather isn’t worse than last year, the cut backs in road salting are bound to increase disruption. Is your business prepared?

On a personal note, I will be doing the following:

  • checking that the frost stat in the office works
  • testing the battery on the UPS
  • making sure there are spare bulbs
  • checking the anti-freeze in the car
  • increasing the strength of the windscreen washer fluid
  • putting a travel blanket, shovel, reflective jacket and emergency food and water in the car
  • Remembering to allow more time for early morning journeys when setting up meetings

What will you do?

There’s a very good Winter Storm Preparedness Guide over on the Illinois State web site. It may be a it OTT for the UK, though not if you live in the Highlands, but it does give some good pointers.

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