What’s critical to the survival of your business?

Do you know which of your business activities are critical to your continuing success?

This may seem like an obvious question, because the answers are probably: making sales, delivery products/services and getting paid. In fact, a closer analysis of the answers will probably identify specific elements of those major business processes that are more important than others.

The first phase of introducing business continuity into an organisation is to understand what activities are of critical importance to the business and what could go wrong to disrupt those activities.

Try this

  1. Taking a close look at each of your major business processes, break each down into into a series of dependent activities and assess each activity separately.
  2. Work out, or estimate, the impact on the business’s long term survival if the activity was disrupted for any reason. Think in terms of revenue, customer relations, brand damage and regulatory breach. Assess for different periods of disruption.
  3. Rank the activities by the highest impact on the business in the shortest time.

The activities at the top of the list are the critical ones in your business.

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