One year on and £276M later

It’s one year since the flooding in Cumbria and Cumbria County Council has just released a report on the state of play one year on. It makes interesting reading but there was one statistic that needs to be considered by all businesses that operate from areas at risk of flooding or other natural disaster: and that includes home based businesses:

  • 34 of the 225 business affected by the flooding are either still awaiting instruction or are still recovering.

That means 15% of the businesses in the affected area are still suffering disruption as a result of the flooding and its after-effects. That’s despite over £1B having been made available in the form of grants and allocations.

This disaster gained national, indeed worldwide, attention; and yet businesses are still suffering. How long would recovery take if there wasn’t such attention and extra money available?

For the individual business, the impact was the same as would have been suffered if they were the only business affected. Unfortunately, if yours was that single business, you probably wouldn’t receive the amount of public help as that available in Cumbria. How well would you cope?

The message is clear: Natural disasters do occur in the United Kingdom, their effects can be dramatic and profound, and it takes a long time to recover. It’s early days, but it certainly seems like the frequency of such disasters is increasing. Witness the flooding in Cornwall earlier this week.

You owe it to your business, its staff, customers and investors to plan now for how you would survive and trade whilst you recovered.

That’s what Business Continuity planning is all about.

The full Business and Economy report can be found at

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