Would you know what to do if…

Business Continuity Planning is about knowing what to do when something bad happens


There are many definitions of Business Continuity Planning, but the essence is that people must know how to react when something untoward happens in the business. That way, they can take immediate action to:

  • ensure everybody and everything is safe;
  • prevent matters getting worse;
  • take steps to recover the situation; and
  • carry on working at an acceptable level.

Your business needs to have thought about what could go wrong and have in place action plans. So, do you what you would do if:

  • You came into work one morning and found that a blocked toilet had caused a flood in your warehouse?
  • The power supply failed in the middle of running the monthly payroll?
  • Your main supplier failed to deliver on time?
  • A member of staff inadvertently deleted the spreadsheet that contained your orders for the next three months?
  • Heavy snow prevented several key members of staff from getting to work and manning the Help Desk you run for your customers?

These are examples of scenarios that any business might face. Business Continuity Planning is all about thinking of these scenarios in advance and then putting in place the plans that allow the business to continue serenely rather than having to make it all up on the spot.

Agdon Associates and Business Continuity UK are no longer in business. This website is not being updated: it has been left online solely as a source of useful information on Business Continuity.

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